Friday, February 24, 2012

Top Deal of the Day: February 24, 2012


$20 & up - Final Winter Sale, up to 65% OFF
Here's my master plan.  It's still winter for a few more weeks, but these clothes need to be pushed out so the spring fashions can come in.  Well, that's when I pounce.  Like a kitten.  While everyone else is wearing shorts and t-shirts, freezing around and wishing they still had a coat, I'm sittin' pretty with my new pimp boots, jacket, and what-have-you.  Even if you don't wear them before spring they will last till next winter.

$975 & up - Middle East, Africa, Australia Fares on Sale, R/T
I traveled to "Aussieland" a couple times, and the trip was long.  Of course, I wasn't on Emirates, one of the top carriers around.    You'll be treated like the luxurious passenger you are, and tax is included in this price!

$25 - Ulitmate Laptop Desk at 75% OFF
If you don't want some big, obstructive desk to crowd your living room, check out this little guy.  It fits right over your lap so you can use it on the couch or in bed.  Comes complete with an LED light, USB hub, drink holder, cooling fan, and angle adjuster.