Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top Deal of the Day: February 23, 2012


$1300 - 60-Inch Plasma HDTV at 48% OFF
Sometimes bigger does mean better (it usually does, by the way).  This bad boy is 3-D, has a motion-sensored remote, and will even wash your car I bet.  Best of all is shipping is included in the price.  Bestest of best of it all is this is over a grand off the regular price.

$9 & up - North Face Gear at 50% OFF
Well, I am extreme.  And when I'm extreme I need to feel extreme.  North Face fixes that urge.  And if you want to look badass while waiting for the bus or chilling at a Starbucks, this is the gear you want, at a fraction of the price.

$69 & up - Frys 2-Day Extravanga Sale Just Released
Look, Frys is a grown man's toy store.  Set us off at the gate and come back a couple hours later with your credit card and a cloth to wipe the drool.  Even if you're not into peripherals or motherboards, there is always video games, movies, stereos, even candy to sniff through.

$67 & up - Nationwide Flight Sale on American into Spring, Each Way
Fly between 50+ cities into June with this systemwide sale.  See the folks in Chicago, your ex in Philly, or your future ex in Los Angeles.  I know I can't wait for my trip to Omaha.  Got to stock up on steak.

$150 & up - Massive "Wave Season" Cruise Sale w/Perks
Having never been on a cruise before I can tell you they are just awesome.  No really, I've heard from people.  In the travel industry they call this Wave Season, where top liners are slicing prices to ensure bookings during peak season  Hit up the Bahamas, Europe, Caribbean, Alaska, with discounts on cabins and excursions.