Saturday, February 25, 2012

Top Deal of the Day: February 25, 2012


$29 & up - Blowout End-of-Month Hotel & Package Sale at
Get to California, Florida, even beach hotspots in the Caribbean with slashed prices.  You'll save hundreds and can even toss in airfare at a fraction of the cost.  They're so nice they are tossing in bonuses and upgrades.

$5 - Nerf Speaker Wheel for iPhone/iPod at 90% OFF
I love the word Nerf.  I admit it.  It just makes me think about squishy, unbreakable stuff.  This little guy will crank your tunes at a high decibel, and even has a 'steering column' so you can play games with it.  And when you want to smash it because a song comes on that reminds you of your ex, it will most likely survive the rampage.  

$35 & up - Circuit City Weekend Sale, Save up to 76%
I love the end of the month because everyone is pushing distressed inventory off the shelves.  Guess they need the room.  Pick from anything they got, like monitors, computers, tablets, software, even cables and camcorders.  I feel like indulging in a new universal remote so I can mess with my neighbor's DVR.

$9 & up - Just Released: Home Event Clearance Sale up to 85% OFF
Looking for a fabric shaver?  No?  What about a breadmaker, ottoman, or food processor? just dropped prices on dozens of items store-wide, and the offers span the gamut for this weekend only.