Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Deal of the Day: February 20, 2012


I'm seeing this coat starting at $80.  If you think spring is around the corner, stick it in the closet and wait.  Winter is still here and will probably be back in, oh, nine months or so. 

$3 & up - President's Day Sale at
Your last day to grab a steal at this site that let's us old farts pretend we're as hip as those crazy kids out there with their piercings, skateboards, or whatever they do nowadays.

$49 & up - One-Day Jewelry Sale at SZUL
Why spend your hard-earned dollars or government paycheck on stupid stuff like food or clothing when you can get that lucky someone a rock the size of a quarter?  Hurry because this will end today, whether you like it or not.

$10 -- Wireless Headphones at 71% OFF
Okay, I'm hard of hearing and can see the point of this.  Say you're watching TV and you want to block out all the outside noise (cars, crying kids, significant others)... pop these babies on you'll instantly be in surround sound.  Nobody will tell you to 'turn it down' or 'come to bed already.'

$65 - Omaha Filet Mignot Steak Package with the Fixings (Reg. $107)
Why buy a steak when you can get the whole dang cow for that price?  Omaha is offering four filet mignons, baked potatoes, and a couple of veggie seasoning packets for a minimal price. I'm getting fat just thinking about it.

$20 - 24-Hour Nautilus Fitness Membership with ZERO Initiation Fee
After thinking about eating a dairy farm I looked up this club membership and signed up.  You'll have access to hundreds of club memberships all over the country, so there will be no excuse when you're stuck in Omaha and need to work out.  Just pay your first and last month's rent and feel the burn.

$69 - Three Nights in Orlando with DisneyQuest or Medievel Times Admission ($87% OFF)
Pull the kids out of school, pack a bag, and mosey on down to Florida with this enticing offer.  Price starts at $69 with a stay at the South Lake Buena Vista Suites (good for two adults and two children).  If you want, trade in the bonuses and get an extra night free.

$59 - Nationwide Flight Sale on Virgin America
Nationwide might be a relative term, since this airline only flies out of 9 airports, but if you're lucky enough you get to fly coach on a plane that treats you like first class (not kidding, really).  Heck, fly from coast-to-coast from just $129 each way.  This is good for travel through spring, so get out there.