Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Deal of the Day - March 16


$640 & up - Spring Fares to Europe from Across the U.S., R/T 
I've been to Europe three times now.  Yep, I'm global, baby.  Anyway, I regret going in summer because of the crowds, the heat, and the prices.  Spring was my favorite season because it's warm and the prices are reasonable.  This deal from Air France gets you there at a reasonable cost.  Why not jet over the pond and see the sights before those college grads with their bulky backpacks interrupt your tour of the Louvre?

$989 & up - Huge Sony TV Clearance Sale, up to 33% OFF
Sure you could go to a department store and get some hunk of tin TV for less, but Sony is quality.  I got one in every room of my house so I can't miss my stories.  Right now book direct and get yourself some LED Internet badboy for a fraction of the cost.