Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top Deal of the Day - March 25


$10 & up - Electronic "Fire Sale" Deals, up to 90% OFF
Electronics, electronics, electronics.  I have so many I can't find an open electrical outlet in my home.  That's not stopping me though.  Check out these deals at, featuring a Zune MP3 player with 30gb memory at just $55, which is over 50% off the regular price.  I can finally upload all my boy bands in one place and dance alone in my underwear.  Don't judge me, guys.  I just want to dance!

$5 & up - Sports Apparel/Gear up to 75% OFF + Free Shipping
Get your extreme self to Under Armour Outlet and buy shoes, shirts, hoodies, and whatever else you can imagine like leggings.  I mean, who am I to judge?

$10 & up - Express Semi-Annual Clothing Sale, up to 70% OFF
This is an odd sale to explain, but allow me.  So men's and women's clothing is discounted, but anything that is already reduced is also, uh, reduced by an additional 30%.   You do the math!