Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top Deal of the Day - March 29


$1 & up - Urban Boundaries Clothing Sale, Incl. FREE Shipping
For two days only, this hip online store is heavily discounting select apparel.  Essentially, if you want rainbow socks or a shirt with an Atari joystick on it, look no further!

$20 & up - Puma Apparel up to 50% OFF + FREE Shipping
Free shipping is the word of the week on the street, and toss on some meow clothing/shoes/whatever without having to find an outlet.  Shop from the comfort of your couch.  Yeah, you don't have even get up.  Barely have to type.  A credit card might be needed.  Just a suggestion to have one handy.

$99 & up - Macy's Selling Quality Male Suits at Big Discount, Incl. FREE Shipping
Wow.  This is just a wow deal.  I have two suits, one for court (mostly for restraining orders against my stalkers) and one for weddings of ex-girlfriends who settled.  Now I can have suits for interviews, taking the dog for a walk, robbing a casino with Danny Ocean, or prancing on the beach.  I have running shoes that cost more than the Tommy Hilfiger I'm getting.  And buying from Macy's means you are getting a good quality.  Win, win.