Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top Deal of the Day - March 31


$18 - Bluetooth 2-Pack Wireless Headset, Reg. $80
Well, this is a dandy of a deal.  I always rock my headset in public, pretending that I'm having a meaningful conversation with my agent or exotic model girlfriend.  People need to know what I'm not all about, guys.  Anyway, get two of these for the price of... well... half of one.  Note:  You might have to register on this site to get this offer.  It's cool - I trust them.  Do you trust me though?  Muh ha ha!

$8 & up - Nike Apparel Discounted from 45%-85% OFF
I jog, therefore I wear Nike.  I mean, just looking at the 'swoosh' inspires me to sprint.  If my credit card company wasn't threatening to sue me I would be all over this sale.  Grab a deal on a shell jacket, relay shorts, running shoes, and more more more.

$2 & up - Spring Sale, Includes FREE Shipping
All these sales that have free shipping makes me want to invest in FedEx or UPS.  Why drag yourself to the store when you can do it from the couch while watching the game or your soaps?  Forever21 is a pretty popular store, and this sale should do well.  Spend $50 or more and they toss in free shipping (see headline and first sentence).

$3 & up - REI Doing Spring Cleaning, Save up to 75% + FREE Shipping
I'm getting tired of saying "free shipping" but it's quite a value if you think about it.  Anyway, REI is dumping their "odds and ends" and you reap the savings.  We're talking a bike helmet at over $140 off, jogging strollers over $150 off, jackets over $160 off, and much more.