Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Deal of the Day - March 14


Went on vacation, sorry about that!  Here we go again...

$4 & up - Tanga Spring Clearance Sale, up to 90% OFF
Tanga is like a hipster clothing and accessory store with a twist.  If you're looking for some boxers that make derogatory comments, and "Amish Gone Wild" shirt, or board games that feature wizards and bullfrogs, you got the place here.  Note: The best deals are on rings.  I have twenty on my hands already or I'd be there.

$5 & up - Huge Coat Clearance Sale at Academy, up to 80% OFF
Winter may be drawing to a close, but you wouldn't know it by looking outside.  Grab a new jacket and impress your friends.  It might even cost less than a movie ticket.

$75 & up - Spring Break Sale, Hotels & Packages Heavily Discounted 
Man, these look tempting.  Too bad none of you are clicking on the sponsored ads to get me to Orlando, Punta Cana, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans, etc.  C'mon, click.  You know you wanna.

$15 & up - Gap Spring Sale, Save up to 50%
Man, what's with all the clothes posts today?  Sorry, but I just put up what I see as best.  Hop online and pick from Men's, Women's, Kids, Infant, and probably pet if they offered.