Thursday, April 26, 2012

$100 - New Android Netbook at $150 OFF + FREE Shipping

Update: 7:30 AM 4/27 - This sale has now ended or has been removed from their site.  

Update: 8:30 PT - I was just made aware you will have to add your email to see this offer.  If you don't want to subscribe insert and select National to view the offer.  If you have more problems let me know in the comment section.


Sure, most everyone has a laptop, but they can be bulky to take on trips, and iPads aren't the easiest thing to type on or do Web-surfing on. However, these Android CrystalView Netbook are just right. Right now they are just $100, a steal of a deal at $150 off the regular price.

They are considerably smaller at just 7 inches, but have a full keyboard. Surf the Web from the convenience of your Barcalounger (which they still make), watch videos, take phone calls, write the next great novel, play around with the thousand or so Android apps on the market. Also, they come in a fur different colors so you match it with your shoes. I mean, look at how happy this woman is just staring at the gadget - it must be wonderful!

Click here to view this product and to book. Bonus: Shipping is included in the price.