Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Auto & Tool Discounts - Save up to 78% on Equipment


Nothing screams 'manly' like getting under the hood of your car or fixing that pesky kitchen sink drip.  When I have a tool in my hand my testosterone level peaks and I want to watch a 12-hour John Wayne retrospective.  With this sale from Bargain Outfitters I can reach new heights because they are selling auto and tool equipment with fantastic savings.

It starts with a tool box ($20, save $25), then goes on to a sturdy air compressor ($170, save $190), bike rack ($50, save $67),  titamium drill bit set ($40, save $80), and finishes off with a sweet nail gun ($45, save $55).  There's so much equipment on sale Tim the Tool Man would have shut down the Internet to grab the savings.

Click here to view a list of sale offers and to purchase.  Bonus: If you spend $49 or more shipping will be included free of charge (restrictions apply).