Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Discounts Thousands of Products, up to 60% OFF


I love this site, and when they offer up a sale I bite.  Join me for a nibble and check out the savings in these sample categories:

- Diet and weight control - up to 50% off
- Fitness and relaxation - up to 50% off
- Hair care - up to 60% off
- Vitamins - up to 60% off
- Allergy, cough and cold - up to 40% off
- Pet favorites - up to 50% off
-  Oral care - up to 50% off
- Skin care - up to 30% off

As I said in the headline there are thousands of deals to be had.  FYI: I know I'm pimping this site, but if you have prescriptions they usually beat the local pharmacy's prices, and mail them right to your door.

Click here for a full list of discounted items and to purchase.