Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steve Madden Shoes & Clothing up to 75% OFF


Look, you all know me (and if you don't, hi there), which is to say I'm no connoisseur on clothing styles. I rock socks in sandals for heaven's sake - but it's a style that is going to be in someday so I'm just ahead of the pack. Anyway, I do know Steve Madden is a very popular brand. I also know that saving up to 75% is a popular percentage. I did the math and came up with this sale.

Essentially is offering major discounts on all sorts of things like shoes, handbags, accessories, eyewear, dresses, shirts, skirts, capes, and leopard skin cropper vests (meowwwww).  As always, shipping is included in the cost.

Click here to view all the items discounted and to purchase.