Saturday, May 12, 2012

50% OFF Fashion Tees, Shorts, Camis at Aeropostale

Notice: This sale is over - sorry!  See more great savings at Top Deals of the Week.
I'm too old for Aeropostale, and I'm getting to be okay with it.  If I tried to wear one of the hip shirts they offer I think I would get accosted.  Nothing wrong with their clothes, I'm just saying I'm becoming a Hanes and Levis man.  It's simply natural evolution.  I'm blabbering - they are selling fashion tees, shorts, camis, and tanks at 1/2 off.  Not "up to 50% off" but at 50% off.

Now I don't know what a cami or tank is, but if you Aeropostale, you probably do.  Is there a class I can take?

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