Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anne Klein Spring Break Clothing Sale - Save up to 60%

Notice: This sale is over - sorry!  See more great savings at Top Deals of the Week.

Did you know Anne Klein has a legacy?  That's pretty cool.  I read it on the website.  When women were joining the workforce she pretty much made the fashion for it.  I picture something out of Mad Men, though it must have been years prior.  The point is this is a great brand and when they have a sale like this you should take notice.

Shoes, handbags, jewelry, dresses, and more are discounted.  If you spend $50 or more they toss shipping in free.  Judging from the prices on these items, that won't be difficult to do.

Click here to view the sale and to purchase.

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See more clothing deals at Top Deals of the Week

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