Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anthropologie Semi-Annual Clearance Sale - Save up to 50%

Notice: This sale is over - sorry!  See more great savings at Top Deals of the Week.
Ok, so I actually have been inside this store a lot.  I'm that guy you see who goes with his girl but is checking the sports score on his phone when no one is looking.  Anyway, Anthropologie seems to have their hooks in the women in my life, so I'm letting them and you know they are having their semi-annual sale, with savings up to and sometimes over 50% off.

Sample deals include:
Essentially if you know or don't know this store, there are deals to be had, and big ones. I honestly think the furniture and home decor have incredible values, but that's because that's what appeals to me. I guess I'm not a scarf or Draped Viola Skirt guy.

Click here to view the sale and to purchase.

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