Thursday, May 24, 2012 Summer Sale - Save up to 30% + Get up to $100

Stay through summer in over 100 cities with discounts up to 30% OFF - including the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  I saw this the other day but wanted to research it to make sure it was worthy of posting.  Since you're reading this you can rest assured it is.  Seriously, it's okay.  Calm down.  I'm here for you. Rest. Assure.

This isn't just for stays in the good 'ol USA either.  Take your private jet or row your boat to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, even the Moon if they had a hotel there with big savings.  As an added bonus if you spend $150 or more they will toss in a Visa prepaid card.  Essentially the more you spend, the more value you get on the card, all the way up to $100.  This is only valid at participating hotels, by the way.

Click here to view the sale and book your vacation.

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