Monday, May 14, 2012

JoS A. Bank Suits at 60% OFF + 70% OFF 2nd Suit

Notice: This sale is over - sorry!  See more great savings at Top Deals of the Week.
To me wearing a suit means I'm either going to a wedding or a funeral, and I have one for both.  For those bankers and lawyers among you, though, this deal is one too good to pass up.  JoS A. Bank is offering suits at 60% off, and if you are inclined to get a second, that one is 70% off.

You might need a dress shirt for your new fancypants duds, and those are also discounted at 40% off.  If you're just looking for a blazer, those are 60% off.

This is a lot of percentages.  I'll leave it to them to show you what I mean on their sale page.

Click here to go to the sale and purchase.