Friday, May 11, 2012

Today Only: Sling Media Slingbox at 44% OFF

Notice: This sale is over - sorry!  See more great savings at Top Deals of the Week.

This is a cool little device that is perfect for the tech geek in your life.  It's essentially a device that allows you to watch your favorite shows from any location in the world (with a wireless access, of course). What's the coolest feature, you ask? Best Buy has it on sale for $100, which is 44% OFF the regular price.

You just plug it in and you can watch via your computer.  If you need to take a bath stick this in the room (away from water of course) and watch while you relax.  In the kitchen and can't miss your soaps - no problem.  On the road and want to catch up on a game you taped?  Watch it from your laptop, iPad, or even your phone!

Click here to check out all the features and to purchase.