Friday, May 25, 2012

Toys 'R Us Summer Deals up to 30% OFF - Trampolines, Swings, Water Toys, More

When I was in college my buddy had a trampoline.  Once I did the 'egg-beater', which is where you sit cross-legged and hold onto your ankles in the middle of the thing while someone jumps up and down trying to make you break your hold.  Well, my friend was about 300 pounds, and on his third jump I swung upside-down about eight feet high and landed on my head.  I can, to this day, crack my neck on command from that incident.  So no more trampolines with 300 pounders again.

However, I'm game to buy one with this new summer sale at Toys "R" Us.

Sample deals include:
  • Trampolines up to $100 OFF
  • Bouncers & waterslides up to $200 OFF
  • Pools & pool accessories up to $200 OFF
  • Swing sets & accessories up to $500 OFF
  • Bikes, trikes & junior wheels up to 20% OFF
  • Camping & hiking equipment up to 25% OFF
  • Water, sand & patio toys up to 20% OFF
  • and more... 
I can't think of a better thing to purchase for the upcoming summer season. I want to get all of it for my little one, Lulu. Right... for Lulu... not for me... ahem...

Click here to view the sale and shop around.

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