Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rite Aid Brand Products at 30% OFF, Incl. FREE Shipping

It's not as exciting as a fancy shirt or a new TV, but grabbing deals on health and beauty aids is a pretty big deal.  Everyone gets a headache or wants to wash their hair, right?  Well, this is the sale for the practical deal-shopper.  Rite Aid is offering 30% off all their brand products, and are tossing shipping in to boot!

So we're clear, this is for products that have a Rite Aid name on them.  No Clairol, no Tylonel, etc.  Let's face it, it's all the same ingredients for the most part anyway.  If you care that much, keep the container with the high-end brand, pour the ingredients from your Rite Aid bottle into the name-brand one, and you're aces again.  Allergy medicine, ibuprofen, vitamins, even shampoo and cotton swabs are included.

Click here to view the sale at Rite Aid and to purchase.  Note:  You must use code 300FFRAB at checkout to get the savings.

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