Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top Sports Teams Hats & Gear - Extra 30% OFF Already On-Sale Items

So  I own a lot of stuff from a certain professional team that will go nameless.  Hint - if you like the colors on this site you would like my team.  Yeah, I do the thing where my car has the sticker and license plate frame, my kid has diapers with the logo, and I am negotiations to be buried in center field after I die.  So when I saw that Lids.com was offering 30% off already discounted items, I pounced.   Again.  Like a tiger.

Whether you're into the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS or whatever other acronym goes with your team, it's pretty much a guarantee you'll find something in this sale worth purchasing.  Hats, jerseys, crews, hoodies, decals, pins, and more have sliced prices!

Click here to do some shopping at Lids.com and to purchase.  Bonus: Spend $50 or more and shipping is free or just pay a flat $5 fee.

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