Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazon: Office & School Supplies at 70% OFF or MORE

Is it me or do retailers start pushing events and holidays a lot earlier?  I mean, I was seeing Christmas sales before Thanksgiving, and, honest, I saw a pre-Halloween sale yesterday.  It's still July, right?  I didn't Rip Van Winkle the summer away, did I?  Well, kids, face the music because there are back-to-school sales all over the place.  This one from should lessen the blow.  They are offering 70% OFF or more on necessities for your backpack.

There are almost 1000 distinct offers in this sale, from pencils to office equipment.  Lord knows I could use a bunch of Sharpies   Seriously, some of these things are only a penny.  A.  Penny.

Click here to view the offers at and to purchase.

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