Sunday, July 29, 2012

Target's Biggest Computer Event of the Season from $30

As a child I loved toys and comic books, and if they had a biggest comic book event of the season, I would have been all over that bad boy.  As a (sometimes) adult, my interest has grown to electronics.  I can spend an hour looking at doohickeys and what-have-you's, fishing out great bargains on stuff I don't really need.  I've spent the last half-hour looking through this sale from Target, that is titled their biggest computer event of the season.

Peripherals like mice, memory sticks, and software are obviously the lowest priced, with tons at 50% off.  Laptops and monitors have slashed prices ( a couple at over $200 off), and printers are not being ignored either.  I really want a wireless printer that I can stick somewhere out of the way.  Those things are so bulky and wreck the feng shui of my home office (i.e. my living room).

Click here to view the sale at Target and to purchase.

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