Monday, July 9, 2012

Toys "R" Us - Buy One Get One 50% OFF on Big Brands

It's Christmas in July people!  At least that's what Toys "'R" Us is telling me.  I usually don't do BOGO (buy one get one) offers solely on a post, but this sale offers some of the biggest toy brands on the market.  You can save some serious cheese and put a smile on junior's face with some of these deals.

Fisher-Price, Leapfrog, The Trash Pack (what?), Hasbro are all included.  Stock up on Play Doh, Playmobiles, Mega Blocks, educational software, board games, and infant toys.  The way my daughter's interest in a toy lasted, it would have been good to have backups for when said toy was eventually shoved in the back of her closet.

Click here to view the sale at Toys 'R Us and to purchase.

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