Monday, July 16, 2012

Urban Outfitters Summer Sale - Hip Clothing & Home Essentials up to 90% OFF

My niece Abby loves Urban Outfitters, so this one is for her.  She is draped in their apparel from head to toe almost daily.  Right now they are having a Big A#$ Summer Sale (their words, not mine) and are offering discounts all the way up to 90% on clothing, home essentials, and other fun stuff.  I can't describe it any other way, but I'll show you examples.

Said examples include:
  • Silence & Noise Diver Dress... $15 (was $59)
  • Cooperative Strapless Crepe Dress... $20 (was $69)
  • Eyelet Shower Curtain... $10 (was $99)
  • Surf Electric By Bethany Mayer Printed Tank... $15 (was $59)
  • Ecote Drop-Needle Cable Cardigan... $20 (was $59)
  • Kill City Long-Sleeved Woven Shirt... $15 (was $68)
  • Canouflage Can Cover (Set of 4)... $2 (was $8)
  • Watercolor Stripe Curtain... $20 (was $39)
  • Scroll Gate Room Divider... $150 (was $229)
  • All Things Must Pass Print... $5 (was $34)
  • Charles & 1/2 Snap Placket Hoodie... $20 (was $54)
  • BDG Striped Sun Faded Sweatshirt... $15 (was $68)
There were so many interesting deals I couldn't help but over-example you. I hope you get the gist. While there are only some things that are in the 80-90% off range, there are tons of heavy savings, mostly at least 50% off or higher.  Also, if you spend $50 or more shipping is FREE of cost.

Click here to view the sale at Urban Outfitters and to purchase.

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