Friday, July 20, 2012

Virgin Atlantic Late Summer & Autumn London Fares from $376 O/W

My sister lives in London, but I'm not about to go visit during the Olympics.  Massive Crowds, possible uprisings, and insane fare jumps.  This sale appeals to me, because it's got great fares during the peak season, if you really want to experience London in its Olympic glory, or wait and go in late August-December (nice weather in early fall, btw) for a fraction less.

Essentially if you go in July, you'll start with fares from $403 each way.  Through August fares start at $429, but after August the fare drop significanlty, usually by at least $100.  See the sale page for full details.  Virgin says these are their lowest London fares, and I'm believing them.  Best of all, they are from 10 major U.S. cities from coast-to-coast.

Click here to view the sale at Virgin Atlantic and to plan your trip.

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