Tuesday, August 21, 2012

American Apparel Clothing up to 90% OFF, from $2/Item

Ameiracn Apparel Clothing up to 90% OFF, from $2/ItemYou have to love a clothier with a sense of humor and honesty.  American Apparel is a hip brand, and will stay hip in my eyes with offering a "Oops!  We Made Too Many" clearance.  They are offering major discounts on clothing storewide starting at just $2 an item.  $2 you say?  Yeah, I didn't stutter.

I'm talking shirts, underwear, swimming stuff, kids clothing, accessories, well, you name it.  If you spend $50 (and if you do you're getting a trunk full of clothes at this cost) shipping is free.

Click here to view the sale at American Apparel.

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