Sunday, August 12, 2012

Best Buy Gaming Blowout - 100+ Games & Accessories from $1

Best Buy Summer Gaming Blowout - 100+ Games & Accessories from $1I miss my X-Box.  I really do.  I lent it to a friend six months ago and haven't heard from either of them since.  They changed their numbers and both de-friended me on Facebook.  I can read between the lines.  When I see a big sale like this one from Best Buy I look dreamily at pictures of me and X on the beach, thinking what could have been.

There are dozens of clearance items in this sale.  Here are just a few samples to entice you:
  • Sony Traveler Case for PSPgo... $1 (reg. $20)
  • Dual Glow Sabers for Nintendo Wii... $2 (reg. $20)
  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith... $3 (reg. $60)
  • Rocketfish Kinect Starter Kit for Xbox 360... $5 (reg. $40)
  • Just Dance 3 Wii Game... $10 (reg. $40)
  • Driver San Francisco for XBox... $10 (reg. $30)
  • Tactical Assault Commander 3 for PS3... $20 (reg. $70)
  • And more...
I don't even own a PS3 and I want this Tactical Assault Commander thing. I wonder if it comes as a regular keyboard. It just looks epic. It's camouflaged for heaven's sake.

Click here to view the deals at Best Buy. Bonus: Some offers include free shipping, or buy online and go pick up at your local store for free.

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