Thursday, August 16, 2012 30-Hour Summer Sale - Earn up to 30% Back + Discounts 30-Hour Summer Sale - Earn up to 30% Back + started a 30-hour summer sale this morning, but I have to admit I didn't see it until now.  So it's now more like a 22-hour sale.  Well, that's okay, because we're fashionably late.  Only dorks show up at the party on time, right?

I'm posting this because of the savings, and also because it's a unique sale. Every six hours they are going to release new deals.  I'd go into specifics but I'm not from the future and have no idea what they will post next.  Currently I see Coach sunglasses at 80% off, a Toshiba laptop at 27% ofF, and a Michael Corrs blazer at 71% off.  There are dozens of deals to choose from, but will update as time passes.

Allow me to add that for everything you purchase you will also acquire super points, which can be used like airline miles for a future purchase.

Click here to view the deals at

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