Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gift Card Roundup from $1 - Music, Meals, Pharmacy, Events at 50-90% OFF

Saveology Gift Card Roundup from $1, up to 90% OFF Music, Meals, Pharmacy, Events Saveology is offering some epic deals on a random assortment of gift cards and items throughout their online store.  Save at least 50% on office supplies, meals, clothing, events, even music. I actually wrote a bunch of 'first or intro lines' to this post, but nothing really works better than the straightforward approach.  I'll try to be more witty with some coffee.

Note: You need to subscribe to their site to have access, but you an unsubscribe at any time. 

Check out these big savings: I download my music illegally, my girlfriend is manager at a CVS, I used to live in Boston, and I'm on house arrest so I can't go to any concert, but I can see where these coupons could come in handy for someone.  Use them as a gift, or just buy them and grab stuff at a fraction of the price.  I know, I'm like a Lex Luthor criminal mastermind with that plan!

Click on the links above to grab a bargain, or click here to visit Saveology's home page to start shopping for deals.

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