Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sony Tablet Deals from $325 + Up to $99 in FREE Accessories

Sony Tablet Deals from $325 + Up to $99 in FREE Accessories Personally I think Sony has the best electronic products out there when factoring in quality and price.  I love Apple but I can't spend another $1600 on a Macbook right now, and this Vaio I'm rocking is amazing.  Which brings me to this sale I found.  Sony is offering new tablets starting at just $325, and tossing in up to $99 in accessories for free

Grab a top-rated device and bundle it with accessories like keyboards, folios, cases, adapters and more.  They are also offering warranty/service for two years starting at just $40.  The point is whenever I can save up to a C-note and get something that says Sony on it, my ears prick up a wee bit.

Click here to view the deals at Sony. 

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