Sunday, October 28, 2012 Takes up to 60% OFF Thousands of Products

I actually got an email from telling me my prescription ran out, and at the very bottom told me about this dealio.  Right now they are offering big savings on literally thousands of different items throughout their online store.  Now's a great time to stock up for the upcoming cold season, or get aspirin or vitamins for stocking stuffers.  I'm kidding about that last part.  If my stocking was full of medicine I would go Hulk on whoever filled the thing.

Here's an idea of the categories discounted:
  • Vitamins & Probiotics - up to 60% OFF
  • Allergy, Cough & Cold - up to 40% OFF
  • Diet & Weight Control - up to 50% OFF
  • Home Appliances - up to 50% OFF
  • Salon Hair Care - up to 60% OFF
  • Eye & Ear Care - up to 50% OFF
  • And more...
Okay, so when I think I think, well, drugs. Or at least just a pharmacy. How wrong I am. This is like an for health and fitness. They even sell electronics and appliances (with discounts). I can also tell you I have done comparisons, and 9 out of 10 they filled my prescriptions at a cheaper price than most other drugstores.

Click here to view the full sale at and to purchase.

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