Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Electronics Sale - Save up to 80% + FREE Shipping

I got this in my email this morning, and at first I almost skipped over it because the sale looked to be focused on computer peripherals only. Like I'm going to build my own WOPR (get the movie reference?) instead of just buying a new laptop. Boy was I wrong. There are some serious hidden gems in this Halloween sale!

 Sample deals include:
  • COBY 4GB 7-Inch Touchscreen Tablet... $70 (reg. $150)
  • Symantec Norton Ghost + FREE 8GB Flash Card... $15 (reg. $70)
  • Roswell Wireless Traveling Mouse... $10 (reg. $20)
  • Assassins Creed III Xbox or PS3 Game... $48 (reg. $60)
  • Apple - Dock Connector to USB Cable... $10 (reg. $30)
  • LG Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset... $48 (reg. $80)
  • Acer Aspire TimelineU Ultrabook + $100 Gift Card... $630 (reg. $750)
  • Swiss Precimax Men's Stainless-Steel Watch... $65 (reg. $650 - WOW???)
  • And much more...
There are dozens of different deals, and at the bottom of the landing page are some seriously random items with huge value, like the watch above, office chairs, even jewelry. My favorite sale item is the surveillance system. I am tempted to purchase so I can watch my front yard for dogs doing their business on my grass. But that would be rather Howard Hughes of me, right?

Click here to view the sale at Newegg.com and to purchase. Remember that all offers include FREE shipping!

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