Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lacoste - Up to 50% OFF Sale Clothing + FREE Shipping

Man, when I was younger, like in the 80's, I wore Lacoste like it was going out of style.  Now I'm a simple t-shirt and jeans guy (it seems to work for me I guess), but I'm going go grab my Visa and get a couple shirts with this sale.  Lacoste is offering up to 50% OFF a variety of clothing.

They aren't discriminating either, guys.  If you're a man, woman, or kid you get the same benefits.  Shirts, shoes, jeans, sweaters, and whatever else you can toss on your body is discounted.  As an added bonus you receive FREE shipping both ways, meaning when you buy it or have a burning desire to return it.

Click here to view the sale at Lacoste and to purchase.

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