Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today Only: Old Navy Offers 30% OFF All Purchases

Old Navy is where I can go in, find some decent clothing at a cheap price, and get out.  It's also where I bought all my daughter clothing for the first few years of her life.  You'd think she was going to sail the seven seas or something.  Ok, that joke missed, but check it out - today only this retailer is offering 30% OFF all purchases online.  Sorry, you can't fight the masses in the store if you want the discount.  No soup for you.

Grab some shirts, a jacket for winter, sweaters, exercise clothes, and whatever else you want to wear.  Winter is rearing its ugly head (not that it is here in California, where I'm still wearing shorts and sandals every day).  If you spend $50 or more they will ship to your door for free.  Spend that $50, because with that discount you can restock the top to drawers in your dresser with new duds.

Click here to view the sale at Old Navy and to purchase.  Prices won't reflect until you enter promo code ONTRICK at checkout.

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