Saturday, October 13, 2012

Virgin America Fall & Winter Fare Sale from $65 O/W

Flying over the holidays can be a strain to say the least, but why not do it with a bit of style and save a few bucks on the side?  Virgin America, my favorite domestic airline, is offering low fares to and from all cities they fly from into February.  And who reaps the rewards?  You, my friend.  Well, if you live near a city they land in that is.

Sample one-way fares include:
  • San Francisco - Los Angeles... $65
  • Los Angeles - Dallas... $135
  • Philadelphia - San Francisco... $149
  • New York - Las Vegas... $175
  • Las Vegas - San Francisco... $75
  • Portland - Los Angeles... $85
  • And more...
Mostly if you're looking to go to California or the East Coast, you should be pretty happy with these fares. Flights are valid through February 13, but you must book by October 15 to save.

Click here to see a full list of sale fares and to purchase with Virgin America.

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