Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amazon Offers Over 500 MP3 Albums for just $3

I consider this like me going to Tower Records as a teenager and sifting through the bargain bin.  I totally want to do one of those "back in my day" monologues, but I won't.  Next time.  Right now is selling off tons of great albums, over 500 to be exact, for just $3 each.  I'd say there was free shipping because it's true, but that would be a bit misleading since you would be downloading them.

Pick from almost any genre - rock, children's music, country, jazz, R&B, rap, and lots more.  And these aren't obscure bands.  I found bands I actually recognize and have on my iPod.  I'm going to grab some of these and make the mother of all mix-tapes (well, mix-burned-CDs) for Christmas.

Click here to view the full list of albums at and to purchase.

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