Friday, December 21, 2012

Barnes & Noble Coupon for 25% OFF One Item Storewide

This is pretty straightforward and I don't have a joke, so let's do a Fozzie Bear "wakka wakka wakka" and move onto the details. Barnes & Noble is offering 25% OFF one item from now through December 24. What's the catch? You need a printer to get the coupon.

Just take said coupon into any store and they will beep off the discount on the highest price purchase. Now, what I suggest is you make a couple copies of this, walk into the store and buy your item, then stick it in your car and go back and buy another. I won't tell, but I think that's illegal to do in some states.

Note: NOOKs are not included with this coupon.

Click here to view the coupon at Barnes & Noble and to print.

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