Saturday, December 8, 2012

Eddie Bauer Holiday Sale - Save 30% on Clothing & Gear

Get your online self to Eddie Bauer this weekend and rake in the savings with their new Holiday Sale.  All clothing and gear is at 30% OFF.

Eddie connotates outdoor fashion and fun to me, mostly because that's what their marketing department is going for.  Flannels, fleece, turtlenecks, and those sweet microfirm down shirts make me feel toasty during these brutal winter nights.  Aww, who am I kidding?  I live in California and am sitting here with an iced coffee and flip flops while I write this.  The horror!

An interesting part of this sale is the gear is also discounted.  Did you know Eddie makes tents and other assorted camping equipment?  This is also included in the sale, along with watches, mittens, even toboggans and actual sleds.  Look at that picture above and tell me you don't want to drag that thing down Main Street.

Click here to view the offerings at Eddie Bauer and to purchase. Remember to use promo code CHILL at checkout to get the savings.   Bonus: Spend $49 or more for FREE shipping!

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