Friday, December 7, 2012

All Clothing on Sale at dELiA's from $5 + $25 Bonus

Okay girls, or parents of girls, dELiA's is offering everything in their catalog at bargain prices. We're talking about deals starting at just $5, and includes some little bonuses worth mentioning.

Here's deals they highlighted on their splash page:
  • Tops from $5
  • Boots from $15
  • Coats from $15
  • Jeans - buy one get one at 50% OFF
To further entice you they are offering free shipping with a $75 purchase.Second, if you spend $75 they will give you a $25 credit towards future purchase (use code DDT at checkout).

So in my warped world, spend $75 and really you'll be spending $50 and you'll get a package on your doorstep. And isn't that a great feeling when you see that box waiting for you. Could be clothing, could be a surprise from your secret admirer, or it could be the FedEx guy has gotten the wrong house. We just don't know, do we?

Click here to view the deals at dELiA's and to purchase.

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