Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home Depot Holiday Sale - 1000+ Items at 50% OFF or More

When I owned my house I practically lived at Home Depot.  At first it was because I was a first-time buyer and the place was a fixer-upper.  So I went every weekend to get new items like faucets and plants to make that backyard truly epic.  Later on it was for maintenance - it's amazing how things were constantly falling apart.  Now I want to own one again to take advantage of this sale where they are discounting over 1000 items at half-off or more.

There is something for every room of the house (and outside too) marked down from flooring to light fixtures.  Heck, even a big 'ol shed for storage is on sale for $500 (reg. $1000 obviously).  I am thinking of buying an obnoxious chandelier and using it as a night light.

Click here to view the deals at Home Depot and to purchase.

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