Monday, December 10, 2012

JoS. A. Bank - Buy One Item & Get Two FREE Across the Store

JoS. A. Bank just put up the best sale I have seen in ages... through Tuesday they are giving you three items for the price of one. I can't really explain it more succinctly.

That includes suits, cashmere sweaters, pants, belts, shoes, shirts, casual wear, ties, and whatever else a man needs to look his best. So buy any apparel and get two additional pieces for no cost.  Don't worry, you can mix-and-match so you're not wearing the same-looking clothing every day!

Oh, wait. I spoke too soon. If you buy one suit you get THREE FREE (4 suits for the price of one). Yeah, so I hope you have room in your closet or know someone who can use a spare or two because that's hundreds and hundreds of dollars in savings right there. This might be the most wow deal I have seen from them. Ever.

Click here to view the sale at JoS. A. Bank and to purchase.

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