Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coast-to-Coast Flights into Spring on Virgin America from $119

Virgin America is by far my favorite domestic airline to travel on. They treat their coach passengers like royalty. Well, not royalty, but I can't recall my feudal social rankings. Serfs would be comparable to coach, so like dukes?  Knights? Anyway, if you live on either coast you can travel across to see the other ocean for as little as $119 one way.

Sample cross-country (and other) flights include:
  • Orlando - San Diego... $119
  • Washington, DC - Los Angeles... $129
  • San Francisco - Boston... $139
  • New York - Palm Springs... $110
  • New York - Los Angeles... $149
  • Philadelphia - Portland... $139
  • Las Vegas - New York... $159
  • Ft. Lauderdale - San Francisco... $139
  • Chicago - Los Angeles... $119
  • Dallas - San Francisco... $119
  • Los Angeles - Las Vegas... $39
  • Palm Springs - San Francisco... $69
  • Seattle - Las Vegas... $89
  • Portland - San Francisco... $69
  • And more...
There were so many hot fares I can't believe I listed all those. Anyway, these are valid for travel through May 15, but you have to purchase by January 18. The cheapest fares are for midweek travel, so be warned.

Click here to view the deals at Virgin America.

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