Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kohl's Stock-Up Sale up to 60% OFF + Extra 15-20% at Checkout

There are so many ways to save with this new sale it's going to take all I can to describe without failing. Okay, so Kohl's is offering discounts at select departments throughout their store through Sunday.

Great right? But wait! There's more.

Are you still waiting? Just checking. On top of the discounts get some additional discounts, like...
  • Save 15% at checkout with code YEAR
  • Save 20% with purchases over $100 with code NEW
  • Receive $10 in "Kohl's Cash" for every $50 spent
  • Spend $75 and receive FREE shipping to your door
So essentially the more you spend the bigger the reward. It's almost maddening. So spend $100 on a piece of furniture that's discounted 50%, then add another 20% at checkout, then get your $20 in store credit. I need an abacus to figure out the exact discounts on this.

Click here to see the deals at Kohl's and to shop.

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