Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New JetBlue Winter Flights Discounted from $39 One Way

I have a feeling JetBlue has some open seats to fill. Why else would they mark down fares this much? Essentially if you can or want to travel from January 16 through February 13 you can get there for a fraction of the price!

Sample fares include:
  • Long Beach - Las Vegas... $39
  • Chicago - New York City... $69
  • Baltimore - Boston... $60
  • Oakland - Long Beach... $49
  • New York City - Pittsburgh... $59
  • Austin - Boston... $129
  • Los Angeles - Ft. Lauderdale... $109
  • Washington, DC - Orlando... $70
  • Phoenix - New York City... $139
  • And more...
The best fares are on the coasts and cross-country, and you must purchase by January 3 to get the deals. I have found my inspiration to visit Boston for the first time in 10 years. I wonder if they ever finished the Big Dig...

Click here to see the full list of sale fares at JetBlue Airways.

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