Thursday, March 28, 2013

JoS. A. Bank - Practically Everything Storewide at 50% OFF

JoS. A. Bank has incredible sales, so much that I wonder how they get away with it. When you are talking about taking 50% OFF almost everything in the store, I have to wonder. But that's what they are doing now through Sunday. In case you were wondering, that includes their new spring merchandise.

Not impressed?  How about if you buy two suits they will toss in a third one FREE?  Because they are.

Sorry, ladies, but this store is for men only, unless you're into wearing men's fashion that is.  Dress shirts, slacks, polos, belts, sportswear, jackets, and suits are all here and all at half-off.

Click here to view the deal at JoS. A. Bank.

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