Sunday, March 17, 2013

Target - Buy 2 Video Games, Get 3rd for FREE on 500+ Titles

I used to be quite the 'gamer.'  No, not as addicted as those guys who put the headset on and have only virtual friends with names like "SpongeDave Kill" and "Spoonfed Bullets." I might create my own name (Top Death of the Day comes to mind) and start playing again, thanks to this deal from Target.  When you buy two video games online they will give you a third game of your choice for FREE.

Take your pick from over 550 titles for Sony, XBox, and Nintendo consoles. Games start at just $10, and if you spend $75 they will ship to your door free.  If you purchase a new title that shipping is FREE.  Did the new GTA game come out?  

Click here to view the deals at Target. 

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