Friday, April 26, 2013

Best Buy 2-Day Storewide Sale from $12 + FREE Shipping

It's been awhile since Best Buy had a big sale. All I can say is it's about time! For two days they are discounting items in every department in the store!

As an added bonus, every offer comes with FREE shipping or in-store pickup. It just depends on your patience level.

Video games at $10-$20 OFF, flash drives at 75% OFF, refrigerators and other appliances at 10-20% OFF, Samsung Galaxy phones for $50, $125 OFF all iMacs, HDTVs at $200 OFF... there are hundreds of deals to sift through.

I just want to say I love going into Best Buy.  It's like I'm walking into a futuristic toy store for tech geeks.  My girlfriend hates it because I'll spend an hour looking at all the stuff I can't afford.  With this sale I still can't afford it, but my dreams are a little closer to reality.

Click here to view the sale at Best Buy.

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