Monday, April 29, 2013

CompuStar Remote Start, Bypass + Installation for $200 (57% OFF)

Wouldn't it be nice to start your car while you're in the house or walking to if with a bag full of groceries? Today only Best Buy is offering a CompuStar Remote Start, Universal Bypass System, and Geek Squad installation for $200. That's 57% OFF the regular price!

When I lived in a cold town, I wished I had this thing so I could warm up my car (and defrost my windows) while I was warm and toasty inside my abode. Actually I can imagine a few scenarios where this would come in handy. It would also impress the heck out of the kids as we're walking to the car and I use 'The Force" to start the Pathfinder. It's a security system, a self-starter, and a magic wand all in one.

Click here to view the offer at Best Buy.

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